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Noticias sobre las noticias de la comunidad local en Pattaya y sus alrededores, centradas y destacadas en los residentes locales, la divulgación en la comunidad y las noticias importantes para los residentes y los expatriados.

Característica: Las cinco principales historias locales de Pattaya de la semana pasada, un resumen

Pattaya, Thailand- The following is our weekly feature in which we highlight the top five local stories in our area, Pattaya and Chonburi, for the past week. These are chosen by our editorial team and are...

La Fundación Padre Ray hace un llamamiento de emergencia para ayudar

The following is a press release from the Father Ray Foundation in Pattaya. Their statements are their own, the Pattaya News is posting this for informational purposes and is not officially affiliated/sponsored with them. 2020...

English Video: A look at a couple who lost their restaurant but found new...


Feature: Couple with a motorbike sidecar Café’ on Jomtien Beach find success even during...

Jomtien, Chonburi- A couple who previously had to shut down a restaurant business due to Covid-19 has moved on to a Zaleng (spelled Saleng in Thai but they have used the Z in their English...

Chonburi anuncia sólo un nuevo caso confirmado de Covid-19 en Sattahip

Chonburi- The Chonburi Department of Public Health announced only one new confirmed case of Covid-19 this morning in Sattahip. This case is directly connected to a cluster of infections from Si Racha...

Una mirada a la semana que viene en Tailandia y a las noticias de Pattaya

Thailand- The following is our weekly feature article in which we take a look at the week ahead in Thailand and Pattaya news and the top stories to keep an eye on as we move...

Dos arrestados en el área de Pattaya después de robar cajas de donaciones de los templos locales

Banglamung- Two suspects have been arrested after stealing a donation box from a temple in Banglamung and being caught on video. Two suspects were caught on CCTV while they were stealing a donation box from the...

TIMELINE: Spa, market, apartment, Si Racha informs people who visited places in relation to...

Si Racha, Chonburi- The Chonburi Public Heath Office this afternoon (January 16th) has released an updated timeline to inform people who went to places last month and this month to notify health authorities and monitor...

Rayong anuncia cuatro nuevos casos de Covid -1 9, los nuevos casos disminuyen

Rayong- The Rayong Public Health Department this afternoon (January 16th) announced four new confirmed cases of the Covid-19 Coronavirus in Rayong. Rayong now has a total of 564 cases of Covid-19 with one dead. The man,...

Chonburi anuncia diez nuevos casos de Covid -19 y línea de tiempo, los nuevos casos aumentan

Chonburi – The Chonburi Public Health Department this morning at 8:30 A.M. (January 16th) announced four new confirmed cases of the Covid-19 Coronavirus in Chonburi which were discovered in Si Racha, Sattahip and Mueang Chonburi. Chonburi...

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