Extended family of Red bull heir want Vorayuth to come forward and address his issues in public


Members of the extended family of Vorayuth Yoovidhya have asked in the form of a letter for Vorayuth to come out of hiding and directly confront issues related to his 2012 alleged hit and run incident.

The Office of the Attorney General dropped all charges against Vorayuth regarding the 2012 incident which left a policeman dead, however, after public outrage a panel of prosecutors are now investigating to determine if dropping the charges was done properly and per normal regulations.

Vorayuth has missed multiple court appearances regarding the charges and reportedly fled the country nearly eight years ago on a private jet just before his first scheduled court appearance. He has reportedly been spotted on several occasions around the world.

With the dropping of charges in the case Vorayuth can legally return to Thailand, however it is believed he has not done so at this time until the current investigation by the Office of the Attorney General is complete. His exact current location is not known.

The letter sent by the extended family of Vorayuth was signed by Suthirat, Panadda, Sarawut, Sakchai, Jirawat, Supreeya and Nucharee Yoovidhya and Saipin (Yoovidhya) Phahonyothin.

The letter apologized for Vorayuth’s actions and said that they urged him to step forward and address the issues directly as it was now affecting TCP Group and members of the indirect family of Vorayuth, according to them. TCP Group is the parent company of Red Bull and has faced calls for boycotts due to the current situation. TCP Group meanwhile, officially has said that Vorayuth’s issue is a personal one and state that he has never held an official title with the company and is not a shareholder, executive, employee or has or had any sort of management role with TCP Group.

It remains to be seen if Vorayuth will come forward to directly speak about the charges and incident but as more members of his own family urge him to do so it is certainly a possibility.

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