One hundred year old Pattaya area resident gets brand new electric wheelchair and other donations from Hong Kong nationals


Several Hong Kong residents have donated an electric wheelchair to a 100 year old woman who lives alone in the Pattaya area. She had been featured in associated Thai press recently which highlighted how the Covid19 crisis had made her life more difficult.

The elderly woman, Sopit Roshom, 100 years old, lives alone on only 1,000 baht of a standard monthly government compensation. In normal times she depended a lot on local charities and generous individuals to help supplement her income and take care of her basic needs. However, when the Covid19 crisis hit Thailand and the rest of the world organizations and individuals found it more difficult to help support her and she, like many began to struggle.

She has lived alone her whole life and is mentally healthy, however, in recent years had struggled to walk and did not have the funds to purchase a wheelchair or other proper support as nearly her entire income went to food.

Many people donated food and necessary items for her basic living expenses after her story was published previously in associated press outlets.

Tai Pang , Kaman and Margiela (last names not given), who are Hong Kong nationals, donated a brand new electric wheelchair, fan, rice cooker and food to her this week in Nongprue after hearing of her plight and wanting to improve the quality of her life.

Neighbors told The Pattaya News that they are very glad that many people have helped her. She was very happy and said that she felt strong, enjoyed life and wanted to live many more years. Sopit stated to the press that she wanted to remain independent and enjoyed living alone but was rich in the company of friends. When asked how she had lived so long she gave credit to a good diet, good friends and an optimistic attitude.

She was also asked if she was worried about Covid19 to which she simply responded she had made it this long and through much worse and she wasn’t scared.

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