Team of prosecutors reviewing decision to drop charges against Red Bull heir, decision expected within seven days


A team of prosecutors led by deputy attorney-general Somsak Tiyawanit on behalf of the Office of the Attorney General are reviewing the decision by the OAG’s Southern Bangkok Criminal Litigation Department to drop charges against Red Bull heir Vorayuth Yoovidhya in a 2012 hit and run case that resulted in a death.

The Pattaya News previously covered this story here.

The panel of investigators was put together due to increasing public demand and outrage to investigate the decision to drop the charges against Mr. Yoovidhya. This comes as the parent company of Red Bull, the TCP group, have distanced themselves from the situation and insisted that Vorayuth has never held any sort of executive, management or shareholder role with the company. TCP Group told the press earlier this week that the matter was a personal one of Vorayuth’s and had nothing to do with them, which only caused more furor online and calls from some for a boycott against the brand.

The team of prosecutors will decide within seven days if the decision made by the OAG’s Southern Bangkok Criminal Litigation Department to drop charges was legal and if it complies with normal OAG regulations and policies, according to OAG spokesman Prayuth Petchkhun.

Prayuth refused to answer any detailed questions regarding the investigation or the case this morning in Bangkok, stating that it was too early in the overall process to do so.  He declined to say what would happen or if anyone would be held accountable if the panel found that regulations were not followed.

Vorayuth, who fled Thailand two days before he was due to face charges years ago, has been officially “missing” and has not yet commented in public about the case or situation.

The case has driven a renewed discussion and debate from various sectors over accusations that those in wealth and power can “pay” their way out of a problem or crime in Thailand while those without connections or wealth are forced to do time in prison.

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