World Health Organization applauds Thailand for Covid-19 performance, seminars and documentary coming


The World Health Organization, (WHO) has given generous feedback to the performance of Thailand (along with New Zealand) for their performance in regards to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Thailand has not had a single confirmed locally spread case of Covid-19 in roughly two months and nearly all internal restrictions and Covid-19 related measures shutting business and events are removed. Domestic tourism has shown signs of recovery, according to the Thai Tourism Authority. A ban on public gatherings is being removed from the Emergency Decree in August that the government is using to control the process around the virus.

Tanarak Plipat, deputy director-general of the Disease Control Department, along with other government officials, have been involved in a nearly week long event this week primarily online.  The event, in coordination with the WHO, is meant to help other countries control, suppress and possibly even eliminate the virus. Thailand has been a keynote speaker in this conference.

More so, as associated press reported earlier today, a documentary is coming from the WHO focused on Thailand and New Zealand and how they properly controlled the virus, in the opinion of the WHO.

Critics online, however, stated that the documentary is one sided and not focused on economic recovery which some believe due to the strict rules and regulations being used will cause more problems down the road.  Additionally, some critics asked why Taiwan was not chosen for the documentary, one of the first countries to properly control and eliminate the virus and claimed that Taiwan not being included was politically motivated due to ongoing turmoil with China.

Thailand will be helping the World Health Organization come up with guidelines designed to help for potential future pandemics and how to respond properly, according to Tanarak.

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