Two Government opposition rallies held in Chiang Mai and Ubon Ratchathani


A day after the largest protest since the Covid19 Coronavirus shutdown in Thailand, additional protests popped up in Chiang Mai and Ubon Ratchatani.

The protests, who were reportedly organized primarily by the Free Youth group, which was also heavily involved in the protests in Bangkok on Saturday, were well attended. Exact numbers of the crowd varied depending on the source quoted, with wide variables between protest organizers and local police. Our coverage on the prior protest can be found below.

The opposition group is calling for three main measures: To dissolve Parliament, rewrite the Constitution and end all official and unofficial alleged intimidation of activists and opponents to the government.

Meanwhile, police at the protest in Chiang Mai, which was held near the historic Phae gate, a famous landmark, unsuccessfully attempted to end the protest. Law enforcement officials claimed the protest violated the current emergency decree on mass gatherings, did not seek proper permission for a gathering per Thai law and could potentially spread the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

The Pattaya News notes there has not been a single confirmed locally spread case of Covid-19 in Thailand in over 55 days as of today.

The protesters have said that if the Thai Government does not meet their demands in two weeks they will step up the intensity of their protests. It is unclear exactly what this means.

The Thai Government, meanwhile, through Police Colonel Kritsana Pattanacharoen, who is a spokesman for the Bangkok police, said the government encourages people to express their opinion but they must follow the proper rules and procedures. This includes gaining permission for rallies and following all the Covid19 related measures, including physical distancing and mask wearing.

Both Sunday protests were peaceful and nearly all participants were seen wearing masks, associated press reported.

Photo: Free Youth Movement Facebook

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