Pattaya Tourist Police continue to hunt for couple caught on camera having sex on...

Jomtien- Pattaya Tourist police are hunting for what is believed to be a foreign couple who were video taped having sex at about 8:00AM in the morning a few days prior on a sewage pipe...

Tourist trapped in elevator for several hours in hotel freed by rescuers (Video)

Pattaya- Staff from rescue foundation Sawang Boriboon freed a Dubai tourist after he spent two hours in a lift at The Point Residence in South Pattaya. Mr. Ahmad, 27, was visiting a friend on a lower...

Man in bar dispute vanishes from police station, other party furious

Pattaya- Over the weekend two men and one of the men's girlfriend, whose names have not been released, got into a fistfight at a beer bar near Made in Thailand. During the fight the police...

Pattaya City repairs dangerous leaning electrical pole on Soi Buakhao

Pattaya- This telephone pole has been leaning dangerously for several months now according to concerned locals and tourists. Numerous times local business owners and local residents appealed the city to take action before the pole...

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