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Motorbike driver seriously injured after crashing into guardrail on overpass in Pattaya

Pattaya - A female motorbike driver has sustained serious injuries after crashing into a guardrail on a local overpass early this morning.

Zebra Crossings to be made “safe” says Chief of Royal Thai police, progress already...

Bangkok- The Chief of the Thai Royal police has stated this week that he has ordered enforcement of zebra crossings across the country and to begin work to ensure that they are safe, especially in...

British Expat killed in early morning Pattaya motorbike accident

Pattaya-A 73 year old British motorbike driver died this morning after allegedly colliding with a parked motorbike and metal pole next to a night market in Pattaya early this morning on Soi...

Motorbike driver killed by train in Pattaya

Pattaya –A motorbike driver was killed after driving through a railway track that had the gates lowered and warning signs on in Pattaya this morning while a train was coming.

Man injured after falling from motorbike on the way to local hospital after asthma...

Pattaya – A Cambodian man who was being taken to a local hospital during an asthma attack has sustained injuries after falling from a motorbike in Nongprue last night.