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Pattaya Ferry to Hua Hin re-opens after a near two month closure

Pattaya- The ferry to Hua Hin from Bali Hai Pier has reopened as of November 1st, 2018 after nearly a two month closure. The contractor behind the ferry, Royal Passenger Lines, stated that the closure...

New Thai law starts September 20th in which police cannot confiscate your drivers license

Thailand- From September 20, a driver stopped for a traffic violation under Thailand’s new Land Traffic Act can no longer be asked to surrender his or her licence to the police. However, the new law stipulates...

Water truck drives onto Songtaew in Pattaya, Songtaew driver survives uninjured

Pattaya- At 11:00 AM this morning a water truck collided with a Songtaew, running up onto the actual vehicle. The incident took place on Soi 99...

Honest Thai Taxi Driver returns bag with 30,000 baht to forgetful Chinese Tourist

Pattaya- Recently in the news there have been several stories of honest taxi drivers returning belongings to forgetful tourists. We have another incident that took place earlier today involving an honest driver. Chinese tourist Mingkin Chen,...

463 people killed over New Years seven deadly days in Thailand, almost new record.

A total of 463 people have died due to traffic collisions in Thailand over the past week, as the country’s notoriously lethal roads were once again swamped with drunk drivers during the new year...