Four Cambodian nationals arrested for illegally crossing border to work in Chonburi

Sa Kaeo/Chonburi- Four Cambodian nationals were caught being smuggled via pickup truck to the Chonburi area this morning according to Sa Kaeo law enforcement officials. Col. Ekapong Krittaya Kiatchuti, the Commander of the 12th Rangers Regiment...

Sa Kaeo will require fourteen day self quarantine for anyone entering province from Chonburi,...

Sa Kaeo- Sa Kaeo authorities announced yesterday, December 31st, 2020, that a fourteen day self quarantine will be required for people who come from four "high risk" provinces, including Chonburi, home of Pattaya. The other three...

Three Bangladeshi men arrested in Sa Kaeo for illegal border crossing

Sa Kaeo- Three Bangladeshi Nationals were arrested and accused of illegally crossing the border from Cambodia into Thailand via the Sa Kaeo province this week. The incident took place in the Klong Luek area as the...

26 Cambodian nationals arrested in Sa Kaeo for illegal border crossing

Sa Kaeo- Twenty-six Cambodian Nationals were arrested in Sa Kaeo yesterday and accused of illegally crossing the border into Thailand. Captain Tetchat Chalermchit, Commander of the Royal Thai Police in the Phan Suek Sub-District,...

Murder/suicide in Sa Kaeo involving husband and wife

Sa Kaeo- A 61 year old Thai man and his 44 year old wife are both dead after what Sa Kaeo police are calling a murder/suicide incident in Sa Kaeo. The incident was first reported at...

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