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News about the local community news in and around Pattaya with focus and highlights on local residents, community outreach and news important to residents and expats.

Group of ladyboys attack drunken foreigner on Walking Street (Video)

https://youtu.be/DTuINSo48a8 Pattaya- In the early hours of Wednesday morning, March 21st, a group of Ladyboys were caught on camera attacking a tattooed and intoxicated foreigner. They engaged in a running street battle as more Ladyboys emerged to...

British tourist brutally stabbed multiple times in Pattaya by 38 year old Thai girlfriend

Pattaya- Last night, during the early hours of Friday evening the 7th of April a currently unidentified British tourist was stabbed multiple times at a local Pattaya hotel by a 38 year old Thai woman,...

Burn Club on Soi Buakhao raided, Internet Celebrity DJ Katoy arrested for drug use

Pattaya- The popular Burn Club on Soi Buakhao was raided at 4AM in the early morning hours of April 11th, past it's legal opening time of 2AM and several patrons tested positive for drug use. DJ...

Thai court rules AirBnB against the law in Thailand for daily and weekly rentals,...

Hua Hin- A court in Thailand has deemed AirBnB to be against Thai law and in effect banned with serious fines and possible jail time for anyone who offers rooms for daily and weekly rental...

Russian woman slits her own throat in 7-11 in Phuket, captured on video (Graphic)

Phuket- 41 year old Russian tourist Oksana Feoktistava calmly walked into a 7-11 shop in Phuket with a knife in her hand at 830AM Friday the 7th and proceeded to slit her throat in front...

More on Nikolay Rybalov, man who stole 1 million baht from exchange and brutally...

Pattaya- We have an update on the case in which a Russian citizen brutally attacked a Thai female currency exchange agent in Jomtien and stole 1 million baht in broad daylight. Here are some more photos...

Here is a Pattaya tourism authority video from 1979….

What has changed? What is different? What do you all think? https://www.facebook.com/100002600698167/videos/1598533806909960/

Frenchman murdered in Bangkok by Thai national after attempting to break up a fight

Bangkok- Mr. Leo Alexandre Achille Le Gratiet, 24, of France passed away early Thursday morning after attempting to intervene and stop a fight at the Flapping Duck guesthouse in Bangkok between a Thai national and...

Nikolay Rybalov interrogated, continues to deny all charges over Jomtien money exchange robbery/assault

Jomtien- At roughly 4:00PM on April 15th, 2018 Mr. Nikolay Rybalov, 34, former Russian military and resident of Pattaya for roughly one year, made an appearance at the Na Jomtien Police Station in front of...

Tulip Hotel raided by Pattaya authorities for Sex Parties

At 11:30PM  on the 21st of April, Saturday Night, Mr. Naris Niwapantawong, Banglamung District Sheriff, Chonburi received a complaint that the Tulip House Hotel in South Pattaya had organized a group sex party weekend...

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