The Night Wish Group Pattaya

Pattaya police arrest over 60 suspected prostitutes on Beach Road, shocked to find them

Pattaya- Pattaya Police on Thursday arrested over 60 suspected prostitutes who were hanging around on Beach Road. Police spokesmen said they were cleaning up the cities image and said tourists and officials alike were shocked to...

Chonburi Governor along with 2,000 volunteers join a large beach cleaning

Pattaya – The Chonburi Governor and more than 2,000 volunteers joined a major cleaning for His Royal Majesty the King in Central Pattaya this morning. Chonburi...

Honest Minibus Driver returns backpack to tourist with 5000 baht cash

Pattaya- Mr. Sachin Yadav, 22, had recently arrived with four friends from India for his first vacation to Thailand. He and his friends rented a minibus to visit local tourist attractions, driven by Mr. Sanya...

Local Lawyer attacked by two men on motorcycle with a wooden club

Pattaya- A local lawyer is in intensive care in a Pattaya hospital after reportedly being attacked in the street by two men armed with a wooden club. Sakchai Amnuaypornphaisan, 49, was taken to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital...

Angry Drunk Woman “storms” Pattaya Police Station in drunken rage

  At 3:30AM this morning, August 26th 2018, an unidentified and highly intoxicated Thai woman who refused to give her identity stormed the Pattaya Police Station on Soi 9 after screaming at...
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