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Cambodian man escapes from Banglamung police while being transferred to immigration for deportation

Chonburi- A Cambodian suspect has escaped from a Banglamung police truck while being moved to the Chonburi Immigration Office yesterday. The...

Cambodian man seriously injured in hit and run by two vehicles in Banglamung

Banglamung-A Cambodian man has sustained serious injuries after being hit by two vehicles in a row before both drivers sped away in the Pong sub-district last night.

Several Chinese Nationals arrested in Pattaya for allegedly running illegal loan service

Pattaya-Two Chinese nationals have been arrested in Pattaya this morning and accused of allegedly running an illegal loan service charging substantially high interest rates through a phone application.

Woman kills her girlfriend then herself in murder suicide in Pattaya

Pattaya-A young woman has stabbed her girlfriend to death before killing herself in Pattaya yesterday according to Pattaya Police. Captain Tanongsak Inpadung of the Pattaya City Police was notified...

Pattaya Police patrol local beaches, continue to warn for alcohol consumption

Pattaya- Pattaya and Jomtien police and law enforcement continue to patrol local beaches, especially over the busy weekend period and warn visitors-parties and alcohol are still prohibited on the...