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Chonburi Governor holds meeting, more restrictions coming including restaurant eat in exception ending, extensions...

Chonburi: A meeting was held this afternoon with the Chonburi Governor, Pakorn Tieanchai and the Chonburi Committee for Communicable Diseases which came to several new resolutions regarding restrictions and closures in the Chonburi area. It is...

Woman who worked in Pattaya at beer bar confirmed in Nongbualamphu Province with Covid-19

Pattaya –A woman’s travel timelines in South Pattaya who is the second COVID -19 confirmed case in the province of Nongbualamphu was revealed this morning by officials in that province.

Thailand announces 136 new confirmed cases of the Covid-19 Coronavirus and two additional deaths

Bangkok- This afternoon the Thai Department of Disease Control and Ministry of Public Health spoke with the press and announced 136 new confirmed cases of the Covid-19 Coronavirus as...

Pattaya joins together to clap to support medical health workers fighting against Covid19

Pattaya- Last night the #careforcarers campaign hit Thailand, a movement that previously began in Europe in which at a designated time the community would come together to clap, wherever...

Chonburi has a total of 52 cases of Covid-19, confirms three new additional cases...

Chonburi- The province of Chonburi has confirmed three additional cases of Covid-19 in the area via its social media channels in the past twenty four hours.
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