Trattoria Italiana Jomtien By Luca: A Culinary Gem Celebrating Over 15 Years of Authentic Italian Flavors

Jomtien, Thailand– Nestled in the heart of Jomtien near Food Mart and the Airport Bus Station, Trattoria Italiana has been a beacon of culinary excellence for over 15 years.

From its humble beginnings in 2009, this family-owned trattoria has consistently delighted diners with its mouthwatering Italian fare.

At Trattoria Italiana, food isn’t just sustenance; it’s an experience. The menu boasts an array of classic Italian dishes, each crafted with love and precision. Here are just two highlights from their extensive menu that you should check out:

1. Handcrafted Pizzas: Whether you’re a fan of thin crust or deep-dish, Trattoria’s pizzas are a slice of heaven. The wood-fired oven ensures a crispy crust, while the toppings—fresh mozzarella, sun-ripened tomatoes, and fragrant basil—sing in harmony.

2. Delectable Pastas: From silky carbonara to robust bolognese, the pasta selection is a celebration of Italy’s regional flavors.

Quality Ingredients, Unforgettable Flavors

Trattoria Italiana prides itself on sourcing only the finest ingredients. Fresh herbs, imported cheeses, and premium olive oil elevate every dish. The result? A symphony of flavors that transports you straight to the cobblestone streets of Rome.

A Feast for All

Trattoria Italiana believes that everyone should experience the joy of Italian cuisine. That’s why their prices are refreshingly affordable. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply craving comfort food, Trattoria welcomes you with open arms.

Where to Find Them

**Location**: Thappraya Rd, tucked away behind the bus station. Look for the sign next to Food Mart—it’s a secret worth discovering.

⏰ **Opening Hours**: From 4:00 PM until the last order at 10:20 PM. Whether it’s a leisurely dinner or a late-night craving, Trattoria awaits.

🔒 **Open Every Day**: Yes, even on Sundays and holidays. Because good food knows no rest.

Reserve Your Table

For reservations or inquiries, call 082-4768-809. Whether you’re planning a romantic date or a family gathering, Trattoria Italiana promises an unforgettable dining experience.

So, raise your wine glass and toast to 15+ years of culinary magic at Trattoria Italiana Jomtien By Luca!

Check out a gallery of just some of their many dishes below: (Hint: Click on one photo and then you can easily tap through the whole gallery versus scrolling down.)

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