Thieves Break Into Pattaya Bus Cooperative Office, Causing Chaos


Thieves targeted the Pattaya Bus Cooperative office, leaving a trail of destruction and confusion. The incident occurred on the night of July 7th, 2024, but it was only discovered yesterday morning when Mr. Rewat Chiangchin, the cooperative’s president, arrived to find the office in disarray.

The criminals gained entry by secretly climbing through a mezzanine window. Once inside, they made a beeline for the office safe, which contained valuable items.Among the stolen goods were four mobile phones and bank passbooks belonging to cooperative members. But that wasn’t all—the thieves also ransacked the office, tearing apart important documents and scattering them across the floor.Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of the break-in was the thieves’ unexpected culinary detour. Not content with their loot, they raided the office refrigerator, consuming all the food and drinks inside.The Pattaya Bus Cooperative, which serves members with cars and operates licensed concession routes, now faces disruptions. The office remains temporarily closed as officials assess the damage and work to restore order. Members are advised to stay tuned for updates on when services will resume.Lt. Col. Apinan Srithongrungthip, Deputy Inspector at Banglamung Police Station, assured the public that the investigation is in full swing.Officers are collecting evidence, including fingerprints and reviewing CCTV footage, to identify the culprits. The cooperative hopes for a swift resolution to this unusual case.

Adam Judd
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