Thai Marine Police Commander Transferred Amid Contraband Fuel Scandal Involving 330,000 Liters

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On July 8th, 2024, Pol. Gen. Kraiboon Suadsong, the Inspector-General of Police and Director of Fuel Crimes Suppression, announced the transfer of Pol. Maj. Gen. Prutthiphong Nuchanart, the Marine Police Commander, to assist at the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB), removing him from his previous post.

Pol. Gen. Kraiboon explained that the transfer was ordered by the CIB Commissioner. He emphasized that as Marine Police Commander, Pol. Maj. Gen. Prutthiphong must take responsibility for any incidents that occur under his command. He stated that this action was necessary and appropriate.

Read about the major incident of 330,000 liters of contraband fuel tankers, which had vanished from the Marine Police pier in Sattahip, have been towed back to Thailand.

Regarding the ongoing investigation, Pol. Gen. Kraiboon assured that the entire network involved would be exposed and that he would arrest everyone implicated. He committed to concluding the case within this year.

When asked about the arrest warrant for “Sia Joe,” who has fled to a neighboring country, Pol. Gen. Kraiboon clarified that the warrant covers the entire case. “Anyone involved in the crimes will be issued an arrest warrant. Whether Sia Joe holds dual citizenship is irrelevant; he will face prosecution. Whether we can extradite him is another matter, but an arrest warrant will certainly be issued.”

In response to whether an acting Marine Police Commander will be briefed on new policies, Pol. Gen. Kraiboon confirmed that the briefing had already occurred in the morning (July 8th). He stressed the importance of giving the new commander time to plan and indicated that non-performance would result in further replacements, as the police force has a large pool of officers.

Regarding state officials’ involvement in the case, Pol. Gen. Kraiboon requested patience, assuring that everyone implicated will be dealt with. He acknowledged the perceived slow pace of action against these officials but noted that the Marine Police Commander had already been replaced.

Pol. Gen. Kraiboon emphasized the need for fairness, thoroughness, and clarity in reviewing the details to determine if there was any negligence.

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