Nong Prue Municipality Hosts Youth and Public Football Competitions to Combat Drug Abuse in 2024

Nongprue— In a bid to promote physical activity, foster community unity, and combat drug abuse, Nong Prue Municipality is organizing the Nong Prue Municipality Anti-Drug Day 2024 football competitions.

The event, chaired by Mayor Mr. Winai Inpitak, aims to engage youth and citizens in healthy pursuits while emphasizing the importance of staying away from illegal drugs.

The football organization for this year’s competition is divided into two main categories:

1. **Youth Division:**
– Ten teams will participate, split into two groups:

– **Line A:**
– Nong Prue Municipality Kindergarten School Team A
– Ban Nong Prue Community School Team
– Ban Noen School
– Phlap Wan School
– Wat Sutthawat School

– **Line B:**
– Ban Nong Prue Community Kindergarten School Team B
– Ban Thung Klom School Team
– Nong Prue Municipality Kindergarten School Team C
– Sawang Boriboonwittaya School Team

2. **People’s Edition:**
– Another ten teams will compete in this category, also divided into two lines:

– **Line A:**
– Thung Klom FC A Team
– Noen Phlap Wan Team A
– VIP Nong Prue Team
– Isaan Pattaya Team
– Noen Phlap Wan Team B

– **Line B:**
– Aunt Pinta Lued Moo Team
– Map Song Boxing Camp Community Team
– Nong Prue Municipality Isaan Club Team

Schedule and Venue

The Nong Prue Municipality Anti-Drug Competition 2024 kicks off on Saturday, July 13, 2024. The schedule is as follows:
– **Youth Division (Under 12 years):** 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
– **Public Division:** 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

The matches will take place every Saturday and Sunday until August 4th, 2024, at Nong Prue Municipal Stadium 2, located in, unsurprisingly, Nongprue.

Mayor Winai Inpitak expressed his enthusiasm for the event, emphasizing the role of sports in promoting a drug-free lifestyle.

He hopes that these competitions will not only elevate local sports but also serve as a powerful medium for fostering community bonds and encouraging positive choices among the youth and citizens of Nongprue.

Adam Judd
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