Pattaya Tourist Police Volunteers Now Recruiting!

The Pattaya Tourist Police Volunteers are recruiting Thai and foreign volunteers! We are often asked about this….here you go!

The Pattaya Tourist Police Station is now recruiting volunteers with the following details:

1. **Application Period:** July 5-15, 2024, ending at 6:00 PM.
2. **Interviews:** July 18-19, 2024, from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM at the meeting room of Tourist Police Station 4, Sub-Division 2, Division 1.
3. **Interview Results Announcement:** July 25, 2024
4. **Volunteer Training :** August, 2024 (to be confirmed)
5. **Probation Period:** August 26, 2024, to November 26, 2024
6. **New Volunteer Announcement:** First week of December 2024

**Basic Qualifications:**

1. Must be at least 20 years old
2. Must be a Thai national or a foreign national who has legally entered and resides in the Kingdom (with at least a 1-year visa for foreign nationals)
3. Must not be incompetent, quasi-incompetent, insane, or mentally unstable
4. Must have a domicile or regular residence in the jurisdiction of the Pattaya Tourist Police Station
5. Must be of good behavior and have a stable occupation
6. Must not be morally deficient or suspected of being involved with drugs, illegal activities, or causing public distress, nor be a threat to public safety or the community
7. Must not have been sentenced to imprisonment by a final judgment except for offenses committed by negligence or petty offenses
8. Must be willing and determined to participate in helping the community, locality, and society
9. Must not adhere to ideologies that promote violence or cause division and hatred
10. Thai nationals must not be older than 65 years
11. Foreign nationals must not be older than 70 years

**Required Documents:**

1. Copy of ID card/passport
2. Copy of house registration
3. Two 1-inch photos (white background, straight face)
4. Copies of educational/ training/ special skills certificates (if any)
5. Foreign nationals must provide a certificate of good conduct from their embassy **

For more information visit The Pattaya Tourist Police Volunteer Facebook Here.

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