Library Week Project 2024 Celebrates Pattayas Rich Heritage and Soft Power



The Pattaya Education Office recently kicked off its annual Library Week Project with a focus on Chonburi province. Under the theme “Chonburi: What Is Good About This Province?” the event aims to promote reading awareness and celebrate the unique aspects of this vibrant region.

Opening Ceremony and Participants

Mr. Prasatphon Deeden, a Pattaya City Council Member, presided over the opening ceremony at the Pattaya Public Library on Thepprasit Road, Soi 7. The event drew participation from government officials, educators, and students from the Learning Promotion Center (SKR.) in Banglamung District.

Exploring Soft Power and Local Treasures

The project encourages participants to explore Chonburi’s “Soft Power” by integrating language, traditions, and local culture into their reading experiences. By doing so, they gain insights into what makes Chonburi special. Whether it’s the way people communicate, cherished traditions, or the rich cultural heritage, the project aims to foster interest and knowledge.

Exhibition: Unveiling Chonburi’s Past and Present

Visitors to the event can also explore an exhibition that delves into the history of Chonburi’s traditions and its captivating tourist attractions. From ancient customs to modern landmarks, the exhibition provides a glimpse into the heart of this coastal province.

The Library Week Project 2024 serves as a reminder that reading isn’t just about words on a page—it’s a gateway to understanding, appreciation, and community. As participants immerse themselves in Chonburi’s stories, they contribute to its ongoing narrative.

For more information about the project and upcoming events, visit the Pattaya Public Library.

*Note: The Library Week Project is organized by the Education Bureau Department of Library, Museum, and Education Network in Pattaya.*

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