Pattaya City Hosts 4th Mobile Health Service Unit Event to Enhance Community Access

Pattaya City, Thailand-On July 4th, 2024, Pattaya City organized the 4th Mobile Proactive Health Service Unit activity within the community, aiming to improve public access to comprehensive healthcare services.

The event took place at Wat Chai Mongkol (Royal Monastery) and was inaugurated by Mr. Pramet Ngampichet, Mayor of Pattaya City, along with Mr. Kritsana Bunsawat, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya City, members of the Pattaya City Council, medical personnel, and representatives from government and private sector agencies. Notably, Phra Rajasarn Sophon (Anant Dhammachoto), Deputy Abbot of Chonburi Province, and the Abbot of Wat Chai Mongkol also participated in the event.

**Enhancing Healthcare Accessibility**

The Department of Public Health and Environment in Pattaya City spearheaded the 4th Mobile Community Proactive Public Health Service Project. The initiative aims to ensure equitable and comprehensive access to healthcare services for residents of the Pattaya community. By providing free health check-ups, the event addressed various aspects of well-being:

1. **General Disease Diagnosis and Treatment:** Attendees received assessments and guidance related to common health conditions.

2. **Screening for Kidney Disease and Diabetes:** Blood tests and urine analysis helped identify potential health risks.

3. **Lung X-ray Examinations:** Early detection of lung issues was a key focus.

4. **Oral Health Checks:** Dental professionals evaluated participants’ oral health.

5. **Eye Examinations with Glasses:** Vision assessments were conducted by the Laboratory Analysis Room (Lab) team from Pattaya City Hospital.

6. **Traditional Medicine Demonstrations:** Attendees learned about herbal foot soaks and inhalers from Thai traditional medicine experts.

7. **Mobile Dental Services:** Free tooth fillings, extractions, and scaling were provided through mobile dental vehicles.

The event witnessed significant participation from Pattaya residents, reinforcing the community’s commitment to better health and well-being.

Photo is a stock photo of Pattaya City Mayor and team and recent health trainings.

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