Update: Investigation Continues Into Death of Disabled Man on Highway Near Pattaya


Local reporters were left in shock after uncovering the heartbreaking story of Mr. Amae Ma-yea, a 28-year-old man from Chiang Rai Province, who passed away in an apparent hit and run this week near Pattaya as we reported previously HERE.

Mr. Amae, a disabled person with atrophied limbs and polio, tragically lost his life after being struck by an unidentified vehicle near the Khao Mai Kaew intersection on Highway No. 331 (Sattahip – Nakhon Ratchasima). His lifeless body was discovered near Village Number 1, in the Khao Mai Kaeo Subdistrict in Banglamung.

The incident came to light when police and local villagers, who had previously provided food, water, and assistance to Mr. Amae, were preparing to send him back to his hometown. Shockingly, they found him dead. The area where he died, approximately 500 meters from the Khao Mai Kaew police guardhouse, showed blood stains and the deceased’s shoes.

Unfortunately, there were no witnesses to the accident, although one young man swerved his car to avoid the body, running off the road, and called the police. This man was later cleared by police in the incident as there was no damage to his vehicle that would have been caused by colliding with a human being.

Two days before the tragic event (on July 3rd, 2024), local reporter Mr. Thanaphat Avala (also known as Mr. Ek) and Huai Yai Police Station officers discovered Mr. Amae sleeping near a villager’s house. He said had been abandoned by friends near U-Tapao International Airport for unknown reasons and had decided to walk along Highway Number 331 for two days in an effort to start to figure out how to return to Chiang Rai.

Exhausted, he sought refuge in a pavilion used for waiting for buses in front of the Khao Mai Kaew police guardhouse.

The police, upon checking his identification card, confirmed that Mr. Amae was a disabled person. They took him to the Khao Mai Kaew guardhouse to gather information and contact his relatives. Mr. Amae shared that he had traveled with friends in Rayong province but was left behind at the airport. Determined to return home, he walked until he reached the Khao Mai Kaew intersection.

Tragically, the accident occurred on July 4th, 2024, around 12:36 PM. CCTV footage from a nearby cafe captured Mr. Amae’s last moments as he walked into a store before finding a place to rest in the pool area behind the shop. Little did anyone know that this would be the final image of a man who had already faced immense challenges in life.

Police continue to attempt to find who struck and killed Amae and then fled the scene.

Adam Judd
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