Two Vietnamese Nationals Arrested for Assaulting Business Partner in Broad Daylight on Public Street in Pattaya

Pattaya —

Pattaya police arrested two Vietnamese nationals for blatantly attacking their business partner in Pattaya. The incident occurred in front of a restaurant in South Pattaya on June 25th, 2024.

A video of the assault, shot by a passerby, can be seen here on our YouTube channel.

The victim, Mr. Xuan Hai Ngo, 38, also a Vietnamese national, sustained moderate injuries to his eye in the attack. On the day of the incident, the suspects, identified by police as Mr. Tran Chinh Tin, 30, and Mr. Nguyen Anh Kiet, 32, arranged to meet the victim to settle an undisclosed debt at a restaurant.

Mr. Xuan and his friend arrived early and were waiting at the restaurant when Mr. Tran and Mr. Nguyen arrived and briefly discussed the debt, before they suddenly became aggressive and began attacking the victim.

The victim was pushed onto the roadside and was kicked by the suspects. Fortunately, a local journalist passed by the scene and threatened to call the police, prompting the suspects to flee. The incident also happened in front of many bystanders and shocked local residents.

On June 26th, Pattaya police managed to have both Mr. Tran and Mr. Nguyen surrender themselves at the Pattaya Police Station. Initially, they confessed to attacking Mr. Xuan.

According to Mr. Tran, he had been in a business partnership with Mr. Xuan in Vietnam, selling car accessories and operating a car pawn shop.

However, two of the pawned vehicles allegedly turned out to be illegal, leading to their confiscation by Vietnamese authorities and causing financial losses of 1.4 million baht to the business.

Mr. Tran claimed that Mr. Xuan tried to blame these losses all on him when they met in Pattaya. Mr. Xuan also allegedly demanded Mr. Tran repay the losses at the restaurant, which caused him to feel angry as he believed he was not obligated to repay the debt since they were both business partners and had suffered mutual losses. Therefore, Mr. Tran and his friend, Mr. Nguyen, attacked Mr. Xuan out of anger.

Mr. Xuan did not respond to these accusations through the press and was proceeding with legal action with relevant law enforcement agencies against the suspects.

Pattaya police initially charged both Mr. Tran and Mr. Nguyen with causing bodily harm to another person resulting in injuries.

In another major recent crime and debt situation involving foreign nationals in Pattaya, police rescued a Chinese man kidnapped by his fellow nationals this week as we reported here.


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