Thai Cannabis Network Files Complaint with Human Rights Commission Over Government’s Proposal to Reclassify Cannabis as a Narcotic

PHOTO: Chokwan Kitty Chopaka / Facebook

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The Thai Cannabis Future Writing Network has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission of Thailand over the government’s proposal to reclassify cannabis as a narcotic substance. The network argued that this move violates the fundamental rights of Thai citizens to access and use cannabis.

The complainants stated that the decriminalization of cannabis on June 9th, 2022, established the right to cultivate, consume, and possess cannabis without legal repercussions for adult Thai people. They contend that this right cannot be arbitrarily revoked or restricted without the consent of the affected individuals.

In their complaint, the network insisted that cannabis is not an addictive drug and that adults should have the freedom to access and use it, regardless of their intended purpose.

They maintained that the government’s reclassification of cannabis is an infringement on individual freedom, and they will do everything they could to defend the basic right to use cannabis for a legal adult.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Commission has accepted the complaint. They stated that they will offer legal guidance to the Thai government on what controls do not violate the rights of the people and benefit the public as a whole, seeming to imply that regulation versus recriminalization is the proper path for cannabis control in Thailand, which is also what pro-cannabis groups are rallying for.

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