Thai Officials Address Rising Broiler Prices Amidst Hot, Dry Weather Impact

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On June 13th, 2024, Mr. Koranit Nonjui, the Deputy Director General of the Department of Domestic Trade, announced that officials had consulted with major broiler producers in Thailand about rising prices.

These discussions were initiated in line with Minister of Commerce Phumtham Wechayachai’s policy to address the current production and trade situation.

The increase in broiler prices was attributed to hot and dry weather during March and April, which extended the chicken production cycle. Typically, chickens are raised for 39-42 days, but due to adverse weather conditions, they are required an additional 3-5 days to reach the desired weight of 2.4 kilograms.

This extension increased the operational costs for broiler producers, leading to the need for price adjustments, said Koranit.
Koranit stated that the situation is beginning to normalize with the introduction of a new batch of chickens into the market.

Major broiler producers have confirmed that they will not raise prices further and will offer promotions, reducing prices on chicken thighs and breasts to provide relief for consumers.

Furthermore, Koranit assured that prices would be adjusted appropriately as conditions improve. Officials will continue to monitor the situation closely, ensuring that prices remain controlled and fair for broiler farmers, manufacturers, and major department stores.

As of now, prices are still within the specified government structure. Koranit emphasized that ongoing monitoring and consultations with industry stakeholders will help maintain stability in the market and prevent any undue burden on consumers.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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