Pattaya Mayor Visits Bali Hai Pier in Quest to Improve Tourism Image

Pattaya —

Pattaya Mayor Mr. Poramese Ngampiches, accompanied by his deputy mayors, Pattaya City Council members, and relevant officials, visited Bali Hai Pier today, June 5th, to begin a landscape improvement project.

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The inspection focused on identifying issues within the piers structure and surrounding areas. The team also visited the parking zones and urged those responsible for taking care of the zones to better organize the area to expand available space.

Mr. Poramese personally spoke with speedboat operators at the pier and instructed them to set up tents and booths and remain there while conducting businesses. Additionally, he addressed the inconsistencies of ticket pricing, which have previously caused conflicts among operators and led to brawls that tarnished the city’s tourism reputation.

The team went on to inspect the unused ticketing hall, which according to the mayor, will be transformed into an open area with seating for passengers and tourists waiting to travel to Koh Larn in the future. Outside the building, a new parking space for motorcycles will be built to provide better organization.

Deputy Mayor Wuthisak Rermkitchakarn also instructed special affairs officers to patrol the pier on a three-shift schedule to ensure safety for tourists.

The Pattaya News notes that the controversial and tied up in multiple legal struggles abandoned Waterfront Condo project at the foot of the pier was not discussed on this visit. You can learn more about that controversy here. Just recently, a prior Pattaya Mayor was cleared of legal corruption charges involving the Waterfront, but it was due to the statute of limitations expiring and not due to any transparent review or legal process.


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