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Would you like us to promote or attend your event or upcoming function in our local market? Would you like our video team to film your event and publish it on the news? Would you like our photo team to do a professional photo shoot for your business or products?

Would you like us to write a custom advertorial/sponsored post, article, or video for your business?

Do you want thousands of potential local clients and residents to see YOUR for sale or rent property? You can list with us at The Pattaya News! Click here for a separate page.

Would you like our staff to visit your location for LIVE Facebook videos or news reports and help influence your business?

Would you like to have banners or advertising right on our website or videos and reach hundreds of thousands of viewers every month in the Pattaya area?

Would you like us to talk about your business on our daily YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook Watch videos in English or Thai and promote them?

Would you like us to share your promotions, Press Releases, flyers, events, specials, or other material on our social media channels in English and/or Thai and potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people?

Do you want lead generation for your business from the tens of thousands of daily Pattaya news readers, many of them LOCAL residents?

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, or through our Facebook messenger. We can also arrange to meet in person and have both Thai and Foreign staff that can speak to you in your language.

Different packages are available based on the type of promotion, banner, article, event sponsorship, or overall digital advertising. A partial list is below.

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We are the fastest-growing news source in Pattaya and have built a brand for getting the local and regional news that YOU care about first. We have over 559,000 Facebook readers on the Thai side of the news and around 226,000 as of Quarter 2 2024 on the English side of our bilingual news. All of these are actually local and regional residents and frequent visitors. Our combined websites average hundreds of thousands of viewers monthly, we are happy to show the data in-person to interested advertisers.

We also have a daily newsletter that reaches as of Quarter 2 2024, about 17,000 mostly local residents daily, and an alert system for every article published that currently reaches around 28,000 people and growing.

We focus only on the news important to those in the city. We are focused on supporting our local community and delivering unbiased and factual news articles about what is happening in the city. We also have a media side, Pattaya Unplugged, where we can list and promote your business here: www.Pattayaunplugged.com

To get a quote and the best plan of action to promote your business please fill in the form or e-mail us at Sales@thepattayanews.com so we can find the best solution for you. You can also call us at 0614163839

For a monthly fee, we can promote you on our FB page, FB group, website, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok (424,000 English Users, 659,000+ Thai users), Threads, Instagram, Pinterest, and LINE. A list of most of our online reach can be found here.

Disclaimer: We do not accept advertising requests for services that are illegal in Thailand, such as gambling, raffles, and casinos, over the internet pharmacy style requests, alcohol, cannabis, or tobacco, multi-level marketing schemes, or adult entertainment services. We also do not accept advertising from political-based entities, religious organizations, or investment programs/cryptocurrencies/get-rich-quick programs, etc. We are also not interested in SEO solicitation services, Facebook “page rentals”, and sponsored or guest posts not related to Thailand and our readers. For information on press releases, please click here.

We have a group called “The Pattaya News Discussion and Social Group” which is growing very fast and has 27,000 plus members (Quarter 2 2024)

We can also do custom advertorials, videos, photos, lead generation, promote your events, LIVE videos, or anything you wish or need! We also allow advertising in our digital newspaper.

Finally, we also have contract deals available with discounts for longer-term deals. Keep in mind we offer one-off events, social media sharing, videos, and advertorials for affordable prices, keep scrolling down the page. Different businesses can have different needs and although the prices below are “general” they may vary based on several factors. We strongly encourage you to get an idea of what you are looking for with the offers below and then contact us.

Ad Sets Available, 2024

See our new Advertising services center and click right HERE for everything we do

Social media advertising, sharing

We will share your flyer, promo, business offer, or similar items on our social media network including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, TikTok, YouTube social media groups, and more. This is a one-time share and offer perfect for promos, we are happy to discuss agreements for regular sharing of a business which can differ in price if you contact us.

Advertorials/ Sponsored Articles/Press Releases/Business Features/Listings on our social media:

Starting from affordable prices for each advertorial/sponsored post, professionally written by us (or you, if you prefer) and posted on all of our websites and social media feeds, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Flipboard. Contact us for what you are looking for in terms of length of article and sharing, links, context, etc. This includes a permanent listing on www.pattayaunplugged.com

Also available for higher price points, this includes multiple shares of the article on our social media pages for a 30-day period, which include The Pattaya News English and Thai pages based on language, Pattaya Unplugged as well as our Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flipboard, Tiktok, and Youtube if applicable.

Due to our high SEO, you will also have strong search engine results for your business once an article is published, long after the article is published.

Press Releases are also available for affordable prices, depending on length, and other factors.

Get your message out there and contact us today by email at Sales@thepattayanews.com, message us on Facebook at https://web.facebook.com/Thepattayanews/ or call our marketing/advertising/branding coordinator. We speak fluent English and Thai.

0889272454- Marketing/Advertising Coordinator

Would you like us to attend or promote your event? Would you like our professional video/photo team to film a video/create photos for your business?

Starting at competitive prices for event promotion for 30 days/one month. (This includes creating an event on our social media pages, sharing your flyer for your event on a regular basis with our readers, discussing the event on our daily English and Thai YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok videos, and an advertorial for the event on our news and Pattaya Unplugged pages in English and Thai.)

Attendance at your event, filming custom videos, lead generation, taking professional photos, LIVE videos on our news and social media, interviews, and hosting the event can be provided as well generally starting from 10,000, please call or e-mail directly for questions as prices may differ depending on the size of the event and service requested. We are happy to do professional videos at a low cost!

Video pricing will need you to contact us directly for a quote to discuss scale and type of business. We have a full professional in-house video and photo production team.


Contact us today!

Finally, take a look at just a few examples of satisfied customers and advertising work we have previously done below to get some ideas on what we can do and what others have done:


Need a lawyer? Isaan Lawyers is here for you!


Looking for quality British qualified teachers delivering the British National Curriculum in Pattaya and Thailand?

Rage Fight Academy Pattaya-a perfect choice for training, Muay Thai visas available

A photo tour of Cross Pattaya Pratumnak Hotel…a perfect getaway

Queen Vic on Soi 6 now has a weekly every Friday UK-style Chinese buffet for only 299 baht

Tangty Suki restaurant in Pattaya currently offering special promotions

Enjoy your experience this Songkran with Thai Sky Adventures in Pattaya, including special discounts and promotions!

Photo tour: Pattaya Beach Club-great food, drinks, live music, and atmosphere in the heart of the city


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