British Expat Arrested For Punching and Killing Russian Man in Pattaya After Victim Allegedly Sexually Harasses His Daughter


A young British man was arrested this afternoon in Pattaya after a single deadly punch to a Russian man killed the victim. The suspect stated he punched the victim because the victim allegedly claimed he wanted to have sex with the British man’s teen daughter while at a pool party.

As we first reported earlier today, Mr. Igor YASILYEV (MR.IGOR YASILYEV), 36 years-old, Russian, was attacked by an unidentified foreigner that he had met at a villa social gathering overnight in Pattaya.

The incident specifically took place at 3:16 AM at a villa in the View Point Village on Soi Chaiyaphruek 1 in Banglamung.

The suspect had punched Mr. Yasilyev once in the face before Mr. Yasilyev fell and hit his head on the hard ground service, suffering serious injuries.

Pattaya rescue and medical teams tried to save Mr. Yasilyev’s life but he later died at a local hospital.

At 1:00 p.m. today (27 May 2024) Pol. Col. Navin Teerawit, superintendent of the Pattaya City Police Station, ordered the investigative team from the Pattaya City Police Station, in collaboration with Pol. Lt. Col. Piyaphong Ensarn, Inspector General, Pattaya Tourist Police Station, and Pol. Lt. Col. Weerachai Thinkamut, Inspector-General of the Immigration Bureau, Chonburi Province to deploy forces to quickly track down and arrest the perpetrator and bring them to justice according to Thai law.

Col. Teerawit identified the suspect as Mr. Ricky, last name withheld to protect the daughter, 35 years-old, an Englishman. After the incident, it was found that Mr. Ricky had traveled back to his residence in the area of Sattahip District, Chonburi Province.

Later, Pattaya police collected evidence and requested permission from the Pattaya Provincial Court to issue an arrest warrant for Mr. Ricky, the alleged perpetrator of the incident, for the offense of “Assaulting another person until death” before being able to successfully arrest him at a gatehouse in the area of Ban Amphur, Na Jomtien Subdistrict, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province, approximately 10 kilometers from the villa where the incident had occurred, before Mr. Ricky was detained for further questioning at Pattaya City Police Station.

Miss Mod, pseudonym, 28 years old, the Thai wife of Mr. Williams, said that before the incident her husband had sent her a location map online to invite her to join a party at a pool villa with a group of friends. Shortly after visiting the party for a short while she said she excused herself to go back to work, when her husband sent her a message saying that he wanted to come home after 3 AM. Worried, she hurried back to the villa but found her husband, Mr. Ricky, walking in the middle of the road. So she took him back to the villa where the party was held.

Miss Mod stated that after drinking at the party until her husband and the victim were drunk, the deceased began to tease her unidentified 15-year-old daughter and began sexually harassing her, even though the deceased had his wife also at the party. According to Mod, the deceased man began to sexually harass her daughter more heavily before walking up to her and whispering in her ear, allegedly asking her to have sex with him.

Mod said this caused her husband to lose his temper and he punched the victim once in the face until he fell to the ground. Without thinking that it would cause the death of the deceased, the suspect and his family then left and went home to Sattahip.

Mr. Ricky has admitted to landing the fatal punch to the victim and apologized to Pattaya police and the public, stating that he was sorry for what he had done. He remained in custody as of press time at the Pattaya Police station, facing charges of assault leading to a death.

Another major incident has also dominated local news today, in which independent bar security guards on Soi Six got into a physical altercation with foreign tourists after a bill dispute, and one guard was seen on a viral video kicking one of the tourists in the head while the tourist was lying beaten on the ground.

Despite multiple rumors online, as of press time, there have been no solid confirmations from Pattaya police or local hospitals on the conditions of the victim after the brawl. Pattaya police have stated they have checked local hospitals but cannot locate the alleged victim and none of the foreign men involved have come to speak with police or file police reports since the incident. Pattaya police stated they continue to search for the foreign men and are trying to identify them, as their names and nationalities are officially still unknown.

The guards involved in that incident have apologized for the situation but Pattaya Police stated they need to identify and speak to the foreigners involved in order to proceed forward with any legal charges.

Correction: An original report stated the suspect’s wife was the one sexually harassed, further interviews determined it was his teen daughter according to his wife’s statements.

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