Thai Police Arrest Belgian National for Allegedly Killing and Burning a Fellow Countryman

Bueng Kan—

On May 25th, 2024, Seka police officers arrested a Belgian expat for allegedly murdering a fellow countryman with an illegal firearm and burning the victim’s body to try to conceal the evidence in Seka, Bueng Kan.

The suspect, publicly identified only as 42-year-old Belgian national Mr. Steve, reportedly confessed to killing 49-year-old Mr. Christophe at a residence in Seka. According to police, Steve admitted to dragging the victim 50 meters from the murder scene and burning the body using two tires in a 2-meter pit. He also reportedly transported the victim’s motorbike to another province.

Seka police, along with forensic teams, collected evidence from the crime scene, including human bone fragments and ashes, to confirm the victim’s identity. They also interviewed locals to gather additional information.

During interrogation, Steve claimed the victim had frequently demanded money, threatening to burn Steve’s residence and harm his family if he refused. In a fit of rage, Steve allegedly used a .22 caliber pistol to shoot the victim three times.

The police confiscated the pistol and ammunition used in the crime and are pursuing legal action against Steve accordingly.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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