The New Thailand Elite Visa: Peak Convenience and Luxury

In October 2023, the Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. (TPC) introduced the new and improved Thailand Elite Visa, now available exclusively under the Thailand Privilege Visa program. This residency program offers extended stays for up to 20 years in the Land of Smiles, and boasts a simplified application process as well as a wide spectrum of perks and benefits. This makes a Thailand Elite Visa the easiest and most rewarding way to stay in the Kingdom long-term.

The Benefits of a Thailand Elite Visa

Alongside their specific benefits, every membership includes a set of general benefits that are available regardless of the tier.


  • Airport Services: VIP greeting and escort services upon arrival and departure, expedited processing through immigration and passport control, and access to special arrival and departure lounges.
  • Government Services: Assistance with immigration procedures, the 90-Day report, acquiring a driver’s license, opening bank accounts, and more.
  • Access to a 24/7 Helpline: Access to a dedicated contact center to address inquiries or concerns.
  • Privilege Points: Each membership tier is provided an amount of privilege points each year that can be redeemed to access exclusive perks across various categories. Here are the categories of perks that can be redeemed, as well as just a few examples: 
    • Stay – Complimentary hotel stays, access to country clubs and resorts
    • Travel – Access to airport lounges, car rentals, free domestic flights
    • Leisure – Dining experiences, tours and activities, free rounds of golf
    • Well-being – spa treatments, medical services, wellness packages
    • Wealth – Exclusive seminars and networking events, wealth advisory sessions, access to coworking spaces

The Four Tiers of Membership

Thailand Privilege is available at four membership tiers: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Reserve. Each tier provides the Thai Elite Visa, but higher tiers offer more unique privileges and longer visa durations. 

Thailand Privilege Gold Membership


Thailand Privilege Gold Membership gives individuals access to a 5-year Thai Elite Visa for 900,000 THB. This first tier requires the smallest commitment, and is good for those who wish to try out the program or are coming to Thailand solo.

Gold members receive the standard general benefits as well as 20 Privilege points per year to redeem for perks and services. 

Thailand Privilege Platinum Membership


Thailand Privilege Platinum Membership offers a 10-year Thailand Elite Visa, initially valid for 5 years and extendable for another 5 years, for a fee of 1.5 million THB. Additionally, members have the option to add extra family members for a fee of 1 million THB per person.

Alongside the standard benefits, Platinum members receive 35 Privilege points annually. Note that these points are shared among all members of a family membership.

Thailand Privilege Diamond Membership

Thailand Privilege Diamond Membership gives members a 15-year Thailand Elite Visa for a fee of 2.5 million THB. Similar to the Platinum Membership, additional family members can be included, but at a cost of 1.5 million THB each.

In addition to the standard benefits, Diamond members are able to enjoy a range of complimentary perks such as: 

  1. Co-working space access without the need to spend points 
  2. Complimentary networking events
  3. Priority booking for select leisure activities (e.g. restaurant reservations and entertainment tickets)

Furthermore, Diamond members receive a significant amount of Privilege points, totaling 55 Privilege points annually, which are also shared among family members. 

Thailand Privilege Reserve Membership


Thailand Privilege Reserve Membership is accessible only through invitation. Once an applicant has an invitation, they can join the Reserve tier for a fee of 5 million THB. Extra family members can be added for 2 million THB per member.

Upon receiving an invitation to the Reserve membership, members gain access to a 20-year Thai Elite Visa. However, once this 20-year period is complete, members can continue to renew their visa and enjoy an indefinite stay in Thailand. 

Besides the standard benefits, the Reserve membership offers a number of additional perks, notably the allocation of 120 Privilege points annually. Reserve members also get expanded benefits similar to Diamond tier, as well as the exclusive feature of membership transfer.

Thailand Elite Visa Application Process

The application process for a Thai Elite Visa is more straightforward than those of other visas in Thailand, but it isn’t without its complications and risks. As such, the first step is for applicants to choose a General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA) to assist them throughout the application journey. 

GSSAs are organizations authorized by the government to assist with Thailand Privilege applications. They provide information and support to applicants, help gather and prepare necessary documents, and facilitate the submission process, all for free thanks to government partnerships.


Thailand Elite Visa Required Documents:


  • A completed Thailand Privilege Membership Application form for the chosen membership type
  • Membership application forms for additional family members (if applicable)
  • A Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) form
  • A Membership Application Payment Form
  • A recent color photocopy of the passport
  • A recent color passport-size photo against a white background
  • Supplementary documents as needed, such as proof of family ties


Procedure Details

After the applicant has submitted the required documents to their GSSA, they will review the application to ensure its accuracy to prevent delays or rejection. Before submission, a 50,000 THB application fee must be paid, but this amount is deducted from the total membership fee upon completion of the next step, the mandatory background check.

Thai Immigration will perform the background check, which will take around 4 to 8 weeks. If successful, applicants will be sent an approval letter along with an invoice for the total membership fee. Payment can be made through a variety of methods such as bank transfer, credit card, and others, though a GSSA might be required to facilitate non-standard payment methods such as cryptocurrency. 

After proof of payment is submitted, the applicant’s membership will be activated within 7-12 business days. Following activation, applicants will receive a welcome letter and a membership ID.

Affixation of the Thai Elite Visa

New Thailand Privilege members can arrange an appointment to affix their Elite Visa into their passport. There are three possible places to get the visa from:


  1. If currently abroad, at a Thai Embassy or Consulate


  1. Upon arrival at a Thai international airport


  1. At the Bangkok Immigration Office (Chaeng Wattana)

Finding the Right GSSA to Apply for a Thailand Elite Visa

While all GSSAs are authorized by the government to provide free assistance to prospective Thailand Privilege members, these are private companies, so quality of service will vary. That’s why it’s a good idea to seek the services of large, reputable organizations with a long track record of success, such as Siam Legal.


We’re a full-service law firm in Thailand with over 20 years in operation, and one of the largest and most successful GSSAs in the country. From answering questions to preparing application materials to communicating with the government on the applicant’s behalf, Siam Legal’s Thailand Elite Visa team provides a wealth of personalized, free services to ensure our clients receive their new visas swiftly, securely, and successfully.


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