Young Man Stabbed at Post-Graduation Party near Pattaya, Suspects Still at Large

Bang Lamung—

At 12:30 AM, on May 11th, 2024, Pattaya Rescue Radio Center received a report of a man being stabbed in the right arm after quarreling with a group of seniors at a post-graduation party at Soi Huai Yai, Bang Lamung, Chonburi.

Pattaya relevant agencies and emergency services were dispatched to the incident scene and found a 19-year-old man, publicly identified only as Mr. Chaiyawat, who had a 30-centimeter knife stuck in his right arm.

Chaiyawat lost a large amount of blood and as a result the rescue teams performed first aid before transferring him to Bang Lamung Hospital for immediate medical treatment.

Upon initial investigation, Mr. Supakorn Suthijak, 24-year-old Chaiyawat’s senior friend, told the rescue teams that his group and the suspects’ attended the post-graduation party of the juniors that graduated this year. The party started at 6 PM.

The incident happened when everybody was allegedly drunk and the victim reportedly had been stared at by the suspect’s group, said Supakorn. The victim then asked the suspect group which they had never met before “Why are you looking at me?” before the situation escalated into a crime, Supakorn told the rescue teams.

The residents reportedly witnessed the quarrel and attempted to stop them from fighting each other. The suspect group and other participants fled right after they saw Chaiyawat injured, according to the rescue teams.

Initially, Huai Yai police officers inspected the crime scene and gathered evidence to track the suspects and involved individuals down for further legal proceedings.

Kittisak Phalaharn
Kittisak has a passion for outgoings no matter how tough it will be, he will travel with an adventurous style. As for his interests in fantasy, detective genres in novels and sports science books are parts of his soul. He works for Pattaya News as the latest writer.