Famous Waterfall in Trang Runs Dry: Tourist Attraction Left Without Flow for Months Due to Severe Drought


On April 30th, 2024, Trang local media reported that one of the famous tourist attractions in Sikao, Trang, Ang Thong Waterfall, held a shocking record of having no water flowing down from the waterfall for months.

According to Trang local media, Ang Thong Waterfall, roughly translated in English as Golden Basin Waterfall, has an approximate height of 10 to 12 meters and 3 to 4 meters deep. The title was for its shiny reflecting light from the sun to the water’s surface causing the golden yellow.

Many tourists also chose to go to Pak Meng Beach and Chao Mai Beach as they were near Ang Thong Waterfall in Sikao, Trang.

Ang Thong Waterfall in Sikao was a source of water from many canals, however, this year’s situation was severe as the El Niño phenomenon occurred causing the canals to dry up. As a result, not a single drop of water flowed down to Ang Thong Waterfall for months.

Furthermore, the stagnant water in Ang Thong Waterfall was not clean and murky. Many visitors could only take a few pictures and then changed their travel plans elsewhere. Restaurants and souvenir shops were also affected by the decreasing number of visitors.

Trang local media interviewed a group of visitors, they expressed their disappointment as they came to Ang Thong Waterfall to witness its natural beauty and relax in the water.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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