Car and Motorcycle Accident Leads to Birth in Bang Lamung; Mother and Baby Safe

Bang Lamung—

At 1:00 AM, November 18th, 2023, Pattaya Radio Center received an accident report of a motorcycle colliding with a sedan in Bang Lamung, Chonburi. A pregnant woman reportedly gave birth at the incident scene.

Rescue teams rushed to the incident scene and found Mr. Sitthichai Dadket, a 52-year-old motorcyclist, who had suffered a minor injury. Nearby, Ms. Paweena Somyot, a 33-year-old pregnant woman, was a sedan driver.

Paweena reportedly told the rescue teams that her delivery was due today and she was on the way to the Muang Sriracha Hospital before having the accident. The rescue teams then performed an operation and successfully delivered a safe and healthy baby girl before transferring both the mother and the baby to the Bang Lamung Hospital.

An unidentified witness reportedly told the rescue teams that the pregnant woman was on her way to deliver the baby before Sitthichai, who was making a U-turn, slightly crashed into Paweena’s sedan at a U-turn intersection in front of the View Lake restaurant.

Initially, police officers conducted an alcohol test on Sitthichai before taking hold of him for further legal process.

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