Pattaya Sport Club Donates 10 Footballs to Hand to Hand Foundation

Pattaya, Thailand – June, 2023 –

Pattaya Sport Club has generously contributed 10 footballs to the Hand to Hand Foundation, a local charity focused on supporting underprivileged children.

This donation aims to enhance the foundation’s sports programs and provide recreational
opportunities for the children in Pattaya and surrounding areas.

The Pattaya Sport Club, known for its commitment to promoting sports and supporting local
charities, recognizes the importance of physical activity and teamwork in the development of young individuals. By partnering with the Hand to Hand Foundation, they aim to positively impact the lives of these children by fostering their athletic skills and promoting values such as sportsmanship and collaboration.

“We are thrilled to support the Hand to Hand Foundation through this donation,” said Mr. Bernie Turpin, Senior Advisor of the Pattaya Sport Club. “We believe that sports can empower children and create a positive change in our community.”

The Hand to Hand Foundation expressed gratitude for the contribution, stating that the footballs will provide valuable equipment and inspire hope among the children. The Pattaya Sport Club’s donation exemplifies their dedication to community welfare and their commitment to creating opportunities for a brighter future.

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About Pattaya Sport Club

 Pattaya Sport Club is a leading sports organization based in Pattaya,
Thailand, dedicated to promoting sports and supporting local charities. The club organizes
sporting events, tournaments, and charitable activities, actively supporting local initiatives and fostering positive change in the community.

About Hand to Hand Foundation

Hand to Hand Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Pattaya, Thailand. Their mission is to assist underprivileged families and children by providing educational support, meals, and recreational activities. Through their programs and partnerships, the foundation aims to create a brighter future for those in need.

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