Thai Government to Establish Big Data Institute

The government has announced the establishment of the Big Data Institute (BDI), a new public agency aimed at effectively managing the vast amount of data generated by the public and state agencies. The development comes amid government efforts to leverage big data for economic and social advancements and to shape future policies.

Scheduled to be operational within 180 days, the BDI will supersede the existing Government Big Data Institute (GBDi) that was inaugurated in May 2019. As the first public agency in Thailand to utilize big data for public benefit, the BDI will cater to various sectors seeking data-driven solutions to address challenges, enhance productivity and formulate economic policies.

One of the key roles of the institute will be to provide big data analysis services and support innovative projects adhering to international standards. In addition, the BDI will facilitate the growth of the data analysis industry and contribute to the training of professionals in the field of big data.

According to the Royal Gazette, the BDI will hold the authority to oversee the development of big data in accordance with existing laws and government directives. It can also collaborate with the public sector, seeking their support for any necessary cooperation.

The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (Depa), operating under the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES), has been actively promoting the use of big data for national progress, including during the tenure of the GBDi. The previous institute successfully streamlined over 100 projects undertaken by 67 state agencies and played a crucial role in developing platforms such as Health Link, Travel Link, Youth Link, and CO-Link.

The preceding is a press release from the Thai government/NNT.

Adam Judd
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