Chinese Man in Pattaya Upset with Wife Threatens to Jump off Balcony, Saved by Police

Pattaya —

A Chinese man drank himself into a furious state and threatened to jump off an eighth-floor balcony following an argument with his wife in Pattaya.

Pattaya Police received a report of a foreign man trying to take his own life at 6 PM yesterday, May 31st, and rushed to the scene of the incident at Central Pattaya in Banglamung district, Chonburi province, with Sawang Boriboon rescuers and Tourist Police.

The authorities arrived at an unnamed hotel in Central Pattaya to find the tourist only identified by his first name as Mr. Limingming of Chinese nationality. The man in his 22nd year was in an intoxicated state, having climbed out of his eighth-floor balcony and clinched to the railing, threatening to leap.

The man shouted incoherently to the police and rescuers who tried to help him. At one point, a crane was sent up to rescue the man but he became increasingly agitated and threatening to jump and the crane was removed.

The standoff stretched into the night, taking several hours, with authorities and representatives from the tour group going to the man’s room to negotiate and trying to convince him to come down. Meanwhile, dozens of shocked tourists watched and filmed the incident from the ground.

After an unsuccessful series of verbal negotiations and with the man growing increasingly erratic, officials decided to physically charge the man while he was distracted, grabbing him and pulling him back into safety on the balcony. Mr. Limingming was then transported to a nearby medical facility but was still in an erratic and furious state and uncooperative with rescue workers and officials. He suffered no injuries, according to rescuers.

The Pattaya News interviewed his tour guide, who wasn’t identified, about the cause of the incident. The guide said the tourist arrived with his wife in Pattaya four days ago as part of a large Chinese group tour. Prior to the incident, the man had a heated argument with his wife before deciding to drink himself into a stupor and threatening to take his own life. Luckily, somebody noticed him before he jumped and called the authorities.

The tourist was under close medical attention.

If you or someone you know is feeling depressed please reach out for help. The Pattaya News suggests the Samaritans of Thailand which can be reached here:

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