Reader Talkback Results: Do You Feel Pattaya is Safe?

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 Do You Feel Pattaya Is Safe?

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Peter M-When taking into account that the “Police” and “local government” are mostly corrupt along with a large number of “Sex” workers and criminals from all over Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, etc etc coming into Pattaya of course it would be a divine miracle if “Pattaya” was in the least bit safe! -=-=-=-=-=- Christer B-Regarding Air-pollution NO !! Regarding Traffic NO !! Walking alone in some places NO !!! -=-=-=-=-==– Alan S-It is safe until midnight, after midnight that is when the majority of crimes and accidents occur. Ladyboys also add to the crime. -=-=-=-=-=- John S-Any place is safe if you use your common sense. -=-=-=-=-=– Claes S-
I am from Sweden, and I feel very safe here in Pattaya/Jomtien.  I live in Jomtien with my Thai girlfriend. We live a laid-back life here. We go out to eat or meet some friends in bars sometimes, mostly in Jomtien, as we know many bar owners and other people here. But we also use to go to Tree Town or LK Metro from time to time.
I am not a big guy or a fighter, so I never get into a dispute with anyone. I never drink “too much”, how much that now is. I never use drugs. The traffic is nuts here, so you can never be sure cars or motorbikes will stop when there’s a red light for them. Many are totally disrespectful.
So for me and my gf, I have a fear to be attacked or getting in a fight or anything like that. I drive a car and motorbike, and I feel quite safe with that. Follow the rules, and you are good. As I live quite a healthy lifestyle, I feel safe with that too. I feel more “afraid” when I am in my tiny hometown in Sweden. There are way too many Middle Eastern and North Africans there now, and drug use has exploded thanks to them. Our police are toothless, and our government is just as useless.
So for me, Pattaya is a safe place, just stay out of trouble, don’t get pissed drunk, don’t offend anyone, especially Thais, and stay away from drugs.
Sune S-Hello.
Pattaya feels very safe and people here are polite and caring. On several occasions I have seen people, especially Thai people, help others in need. Mostly because of intoxication, but also road accidents and various mental breakdowns. I feel way safer here at any time of the day or night than in broad daylight in my home country Norway.
Alan F-Pattaya is the most dangerous place I have ever had the misfortune to live in or visit. For 24 hours a day, pedestrians take their lives in their hands whilst walking the streets due to the complete lack of either sidewalks or broken and impassable sidewalks and the manic dangerous driving by motorcyclists and car drivers have no regard for the safety of pedestrians. This life-threatening state of affairs is compounded by the shameful lack of action by both the lazy incompetent police force and City Hall. In City Hall’s case, they seem more interested in spending millions of tax payer’s money funding vanity projects such as music concerts locals don’t want rather than doing their job to address the woeful state of the infrastructure. -=-=-=-=-=-=-= Paul K-Yes Pattaya has become totally crime-ridden and gone ‘down market’. It’s also physically dirty. The sea water is an ‘unsafe’ sewer. The amount of plastic plus other junk on the shoreline is a disgrace.. Is the Mayor of Pattaya too important or suffers from bad eyesight to these ‘glaring’ issues… Also, what is the pre-fascination with overly loud music outside places like Central Festival? It’s just a ‘noise din’ and look at the age demographic it’s supposed to be appealing to… Pathetic I could add more. -=–=-=-=-= Don-
Hi, I have been living in Pattaya for 12 years and never ever felt unsafe in this town.
Maybe I am not like the average “Expat” here in Pattaya, because i do not go out at night, i do not go to bars
and I have no enemies, which means I am very cooperative with the local Thai people and community
and I try to respect their way of life and behavior. I am a big fan of Pattaya and strongly think,
it is one of the best places on this planet to spend the life of a retired person. I have been very lucky so far,
Daryl R-Pattaya is much, much safer than Chicago where I am from.
C.B.-It’s very safe. Common sense applies though…don’t get too drunk, don’t flash valuables or cash, don’t argue over petty stuff or very small amounts like a few baht.

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