Train Crushes and Kills Man Lying on Railway Track in Pattaya Area

Banglamung, Chonburi —

A man lying on a railway track was crushed to death by a train in the small hours of this morning, May 28th.

Banglamung Police responded to a report of an unidentified man being crushed to death by a train at 3 AM today, and travelled to the scene of the incident at the Takhian Tia subdistrict of Banglamung District, Chonburi province, with rescuers from the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation.

At the railway track, the authorities found the stationary train no. 544 on the track inbound to the Banglamung district. They also discovered a body of a man aged between 40-50 years old crushed to death on the railroad. No documents that could identify him were found, the rescuers told The Pattaya News.

The train was parked 100 meters from where the body was located. The train driver, Mr. Suporn Phuengpha, 44-years-old, interviewed with The Pattaya News stating that he was transporting salt from the Sri Racha district to the Map Ta Phut area.

Approximately 200 meters before reaching the accident site, Mr. Suporn noticed something abnormal on the railway track. As the train approached closer to the object, he realized that it was a person lying on the track, with his head resting on the rail. The train driver then immediately applied the emergency brake and activated the warning signals. However, after the train came to a stop, he went down to inspect the situation and found that the victim had been crushed and passed away.

According to Banglamung Police’s hypothesis, the man might have deliberately laid on the track to take his own life. However, they are working on identifying him and his family to proceed with the funeral arrangements.

The man’s body was moved to Banglamung Hospital.

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