Press Release: “The Air You Breathe Matters” Thailand CAN x Plan B Media “Making the Invisible, Visible”

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In Thailand, public awareness of air pollution’s impact on human health is limited.

This is because PM 2.5 (or particulate matter at or less than 2.5 microns in diameter) is an invisible killer. According to a recent comprehensive global review, air pollution may be damaging every organ in the body.1 Research has linked air pollution as the cause of premature death for over 50,000 Thais per year 2 – more than the total number of deaths caused by the Covid-19  pandemic in the country.

People in Thailand are dying too soon, on average, by around 2 years due to the country’s national air quality standards being sub-par to the WHO recommended guidelines. The figure for Northern Thailand is even more dire, with premature death at around 3 years. 3  

Air pollution is a manifestation of structural issues that stem from a long-entrenched and unsustainable growth model which prioritizes economic prosperity over environmental protection. However, it does not have to be this way. Sustainable solutions exist and have been successfully implemented in many countries, demonstrating that economic growth is not held back by addressing air pollution.

A necessary precondition to managing air pollution is the passage of well-crafted clean-air legislation – one that addresses the root causes of this public health crisis. 

In January 2022, the Thailand Clean Air Network (or Thailand CAN) submitted a citizen-led draft Clean Air Act to the  Thai Parliament. However, this legislation still awaits endorsement by the Prime Minister for deliberation by parliament. A groundswell of public support is the missing catalyst for real change. All successful global clean air movements were driven by everyday citizens who collectively demanded the passage of this important legislation.  These citizens were ordinary individuals who were not willing to accept the deterioration in the quality and longevity of their and loved ones’ lives as a foregone conclusion and collectively demanded policy-level changes. 

Although policy-led change may seem like something beyond the reach of most people, we all have a much bigger impact than we think. Thailand CAN wants to help shift this mindset. On May 16, 2023, in partnership with Plan B Media Plc., Ltd., the Thailand Clean Air Network will launch a video campaign entitled #TheAirYouBreatheMatters.  This video campaign will be shown on large-sized digital screens in Bangkok (which includes Sathorn Road, Makkasan intersection, Central Ladprao, Urupong Express inbound, Victory Monument Express inbound & outbound,  Thewakan & Ratchayothin outbound) and also launched in a number of multimedia screens and Point of Sales (or  POS) platforms throughout 7-Eleven stores. This video ad campaign will run until the end of May.  

Together, we can make a difference by channeling our collective voices to petition for the passage of the Clean Air  Act for Thailand. An outpouring of public support will be needed to ignite the political will required to ensure that the newly elected Thai government administration will keep its campaign promises. 

Be part of the growing movement to bring about clean air for you and your loved ones, by joining the campaign petition to support the passage of this important Clean Air legislation for Thailand at: 

Video Campaign: 





#TheAirYouBreatheMatters Campaign is sponsored by Plan B Media Public Company Limited. _________ 

About Thailand Clean Air Network (or Thailand CAN) 

Thailand CAN is a group of interdisciplinary citizens that united to form a nonprofit to understand and address the  complex issue of air pollution. The group achieves this by leveraging its diverse areas of expertise to combine the  wealth of knowledge from academia and real-world experiences, alongside a well-coordinated social movement that  operates in tandem with policy-makers and private sector entities. One of the group’s crowning achievements to  date is the drafting and submission of the first ever citizen-led draft Clean Air Act to the Thai Parliament for  consideration and, hopefully, as passage into law. 

About Plan B 

Plan B Media Public Company Limited is a Thailand-based out-of-home media service provider. The Company is principally engaged in providing advertising media production, advertising space, and airtime rental services. The  Company operates through two segments: the Advertising media segment and the Engagement marketing segment.  The Advertising media segment comprises advertising media production, advertising space and airtime rental services. The Engagement marketing segment comprises the management and development of artists. The Company is categorized into five activities: international broadcasting, combat sports, football, esports, and running.  


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