Prominent Thai Political Activist Struck By Angry Critic at Press Conference


Political activist Srisuwan Janya once again was physically attacked on Thursday, May 11th at the Office of the Election Commission (EC) after he filed a complaint about the Pheu Thai Party’s digital money policy.

Mr. Srisuwan was revealing the complaint to the Thai press after he met with the EC over the Pheu Thai policy on digital wallets. A man approached him before punching him in the face. The man shouted to Mr. Srisuwan “You complain about everything.” Mr. Srisuwan said back to the man “People have their right to complain.” The man left after that.

Mr. Srisuwan had injured his mouth from the punch. He told the Thai press after the incident “I don’t know who the man is. I never talked to him before.” Mr. Srisuwan filed a report to the Thung Song Hong Police after the incident.

The man was later identified by the press as Mr. Tossapon Tananonsophon, 60. Mr. Tossapon told the press that he did not punch Srisuwan but he only used his hand to slap him.

Tossapon was annoyed that Mr. Srisuwan has always complained about everything in Thailand and struck him in a fit of anger.

Our prior coverage:

Political activist Srisuwan Janya was physically attacked at the office of Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) in October, 2022 after filing a complaint against Thai stand-up comedian Udom “Note” Taephanich for his alleged critiques about the government during his talk show.


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