Pattaya Woman Accuses Nanny of Causing Brain Damage to Her Newborn Child

Pattaya —

A Thai woman took to The Pattaya News to reveal her plight involving a nanny whom she accused of causing brain injuries to her five-month-old daughter.

The mother, 29-year-old Ms. Apinya Chaemsawang, revealed that her daughter was receiving treatment at Chonburi Hospital for internal bleeding and swelling of the brain. She suspected that the nanny whom she had hired caused the injuries.

According to her, Ms. Apinya had hired the nanny, whose name is withheld due to pending legal action per Thai law, to take care of her daughter for 6,000 baht per month. On April 9th, the babysitter called to inform her that her baby fell from a bed.

Ms. Apinya rushed to see her daughter and noticed blood in her eyes and red marks on her head. At first, she thought about taking the child to see a doctor but did not do so because due to the height of the baby’s bed, she didn’t think it was a serious injury.

The nanny continued to care for Ms. Apinya’s daughter. By the end of April, however, the mother noticed that her child’s head started to swell. She asked the babysitter if her child had fallen again, but the nanny insisted that everything was going ok.

Later, the nanny suddenly called to inform Ms. Apinya that she would like to quit caring for the child. This raised many suspicions, according to the mother, about what might be wrong with her kid.

When she went to pick her daughter up at the nanny’s premises, she noticed that her daughter’s head was abnormally large. Ms. Apinya then eventually took her to a clinic where she was initially diagnosed with hydrocephalus. The mother was then advised to take her child to a hospital for further examination and discovered that her kid had bleeding in her brain, which the doctors believed had occurred about a month ago due to a severe impact.

The daughter was immediately admitted to Chonburi Hospital, but she has yet to recover. Subsequently, Ms. Apinya filed a report to the Nongprue Police Station, requesting that police investigate and question the nanny about what had really occurred with her child.

The mother did not believe that her daughter’s injuries were caused by her falling from the bed, according to her.

The Pattaya News will provide the accused’s rebuttal if it becomes available.

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