Rotary Club of Pattaya International Announces 500,000 Baht Donation, Giveaway to a Needy Cause

Pattaya, Thailand-

  Living a fulfilling life in Pattaya is a privilege,” shares Tom Keightley, Club Secretary of the Rotary Club of Pattaya International (RCPI). “That’s why we’re eager to give back to our cherished community,” he adds.

RCPI is thrilled to announce the procurement of a 500,000 THB donation from a Swiss-based foundation, as exclusively revealed by Radio Fabulous 103 FM’s Tommy Dee on their morning show. Fabulous 103 FM is not affiliated with TPN Media, but both organizations maintain good relations and TPN Media is happy to share this news.

Pierre Rothschild, who oversees communications for RCPI, clarifies: “The entire donation is allocated for purchasing essential equipment that a charitable organization urgently requires to enhance the services they offer to those in need, ultimately improving their quality of life. It is not intended for operational expenses like salaries. We’re eagerly awaiting project proposals from interested charities.”

As the most recent addition to Pattaya’s Rotary Clubs, RCPI has flourished under the guidance of Philip Wall Morris. The club welcomes new members, as the Rotary experience has proven to be a valuable asset for many in Pattaya. Engaging with members from across the globe and contributing to meaningful charity work can enrich the daily lives of all participants.

To submit donation proposals or express interest in membership, RCPI can be contacted via email.

Adam Judd
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