Distraught Woman Climbing Elevated Sign on Walking Street Concerns Pattaya Tourists

Pattaya —

A distraught mental patient scared tourists on Pattaya Walking Street at 1 in the morning today after she somehow managed to climb onto an elevated billboard. 

Pattaya Police and Sawang Boriboon rescuers responded to a report on April 28th that a woman had climbed onto a raised billboard of the Mota Tailor shop on Walking Street, South Pattaya. They then went to the scene to prevent the woman from injuring herself.

Many tourists both Thai and foreign alike gathered in front of the shop, concerned for the woman as she dangerously dangled from the sign. The rescue team arrived, and after an unsuccessful negotiation, they decided to climb up to the third floor and use a rope to tie her, and safely bring her down amidst the applause of onlookers.

The woman was identified as 39-year-old Ms. W (Full name withheld) of Thai nationality. Her last name was withheld since she is a mental patient based on an ID from Srithanya Hospital, a mental health facility in Thailand, according to rescuers.

The woman was transported from the street to calm down. It is unclear if she has any guardians and why she climbed the sign, as she did not appear suicidal but only distraught. The woman would be processed back to care at a psychiatric hospital.


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