Banglamung Police Bust Chinese Tourists for Violating Immigration Regulations

Banglamung —

Banglamung Police fined several Chinese tourists for not notifying the immigration office of their place of stay.

Banglamung Police and immigration raided two houses of Chinese tourists in the Takhian Tia sub-district of Banglamung district, Chonburi today, April 23rd, after an investigation revealed that some individuals had not complied with regulations of the immigration office.

The first house was occupied by one Chinese woman and two Thai individuals. The officers ran a document check for passports and visas on the residents and found that they had valid documents and did not violate any regulations.

However, as for the second house, which was occupied by 3 Chinese men and 1 Thai woman, it was found that Mr. Xi Ye, 29, Mr. Jiao Jiangcheng, 28, and Mr. Li Jinlu, 34, had valid passports and visas, but they had violated the Immigration regulations by not notifying the immigration office of their place of stay. As a result, they were brought under custody and fined 4,000 baht each, before being released.

The operation was conducted in accordance with deputy national police chief Pol.Gen. Surachet Hakparn, more commonly known by his nickname of Big Joke.

Big Joke has pledged to continue a major crackdown on Chinese nationals illegally residing in Thailand or operating criminal enterprises. This has followed a number of high profile ransom and abduction cases involving mostly Chinese nationals, such as this one just a few days prior.

Although not reporting one’s residence to Immigration is often ignored by tourists Big Joke has pledged to crackdown on this rule in particular, especially for Chinese nationals. He and Thai police say that by following this regulation it makes Thailand safer for everyone and helps discourage criminal activity.


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