Belgian and French Men Plunge from Same Pattaya Condo in Separate Incidents and Pass Away

Pattaya —

A 52-year-old Belgian man and an 81-year-old French man died by suicide by plunging from a condominium in Pattaya. The two separate accidents coincidentally happened at the same condo.

Pattaya Police and Sawang Boriboon rescuers rushed to a luxury condominium in Pattaya at 04:30 AM today, April 20th, after receiving a report that a foreigner had jumped from the condo.

At the scene, the authorities discovered the victim, identified for his family’s privacy only as Mr. Kris, 52, lying unresponsive on the condo’s ground floor. The victim of Belgian nationality suffered serious bodily injuries and was pronounced dead at the site. His body was transferred to the Police Hospital for an autopsy.

Police examined the incident scene and found that the victim had fallen through the roof of the condo’s parking lot. The officers then interviewed Mr. Sombat Sarasamrong, a Thai 55-year-old security guard who works for the condo and witnessed the incident.

He said the victim attempted to take his own life twice by jumping from the second floor of the condo. He first hit the ground without sustaining any injuries, and then jumped from the condo again, running away from Mr. Sombat who tried to help, and ultimately succeeded in ending his life.

The man’s caretaker Ms. Chananchida Changwatdee, 45, disclosed to police that the victim had many congenital diseases and had been threatening to take his life for some time.

The authorities believed that the victim took his own life as there were no signs of struggle or fighting at the scene.

PHOTO: TMN Cable TV Pattaya

In a similar case, an 81-year-old French man jumped from the same condo in Pattaya at a different time and passed away.

The victim, Mr. Perrin, was found dead beside the condominium also by Mr. Sombat Sarasamrong, the same Thai 55-year-old security guard who found Mr. Kris.

PHOTO: TMN Cable TV Pattaya

He was shirtless and wore only black shorts. The victim suffered many fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene by Sawang Boriboon rescuers.

Pattaya Police responded to the incident and searched the victim’s room on the third floor and found his medicines on the table. The victim had many congenital diseases and just went to a hospital yesterday, according to his caretaker Mrs. Donruedee Fletuch, 46.

Mr. Sombat, the security guard, told police that condo residents reported to him that the victim had plunged from the eighth floor and hit the ground behind the condo.

The victim’s body was transferred to Police Hospital for an autopsy.

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