Poorly-Lit Construction Site Near Incomplete Pattaya Football Stadium Concerns Residents

Pattaya —

Many Pattaya residents are concerned over a poorly-lit construction site near an incomplete football stadium.

Local residents near the spot in question reported to The Pattaya News that the ongoing construction on a road to the unfinished Pattaya football stadium did not have any lights, proper barriers, or fluorescent traffic signs. They told The Pattaya News that they feared that some people driving at night could easily miss the construction holes and fall into them because the road was also poorly-lit.

The residents, however, asked for their names to be withheld as they were afraid of potential repercussions for the complaints.

The Pattaya News reporters went to inspect the area and reported that both sides of the road appeared to have been badly excavated. The road surface had also been raised to a higher level of about 50 centimeters for a distance of about 2-3 kilometers.

At some points on the road, deep holes with dangerous erect sharp iron rods had been dug to lay drainage pipes. Warning signs were sporadically set up, but they were non-fluorescent, so they became completely invisible after sundown, greatly increasing the risk of accidents. There were no signs of proper barriers or staff warning motorists of the construction work.

Pattaya residents in the area pleaded with relevant officials to at least put some lights and barriers on the construction site.

They also said the contractor should expedite the project as soon as possible to reverse the traffic flow in the area back to normal.

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