Chaotic Pattaya Bar Fight Leaves Many People Injured

Pattaya —

Two rival groups of young adults clashed in a Pattaya pub at 03:20 AM this morning, leaving many people injured. The careless groups threw bottles and punches at each other in front of law enforcement officers.

The violent fight erupted in a pub named YES Pattaya in the Pattaya area on Third Road today, April 2nd, 2023.

Two groups of young adults were found throwing verbal assaults and spirit bottles at one another inside the pub when police officers and Sawang Boriboon rescuers arrived.

The groups reportedly did not stop although the authorities had already shown up. Six injured people, excluding those who previously escaped and went to the hospital by themselves, were rescued from the pub and taken to Banglamung and Pattaya Hospitals.

Ultimately, the officers were able to stop the fight. Several blood stains and broken glass bottles were discovered inside the pub. However, nobody was immediately arrested as law enforcement is still reviewing the incident and the scene was described as chaotic, with it unclear what had sparked the fight and who were the aggressors, who were simply caught in the melee, and who were defending themselves.

Pattaya Police are working on identifying each primary suspect via CCTV recordings. The pub is under close surveillance by officials to prevent a potential reoccurrence.

Many social media commenters also noted the time of the incident, asking why the venue was not closed at 2AM, the legal closing time for nightlife venues in entertainment zones in Pattaya. Pattaya police did not immediately answer this query.

Just last week Pattaya police raided the Flexx club on Walking Street for being allegedly open past the legal closing time, as seen here.

Meanwhile, the Thai alcohol business has pledged to petition the new government after elections in May to legally extend closing times in tourism areas like Pattaya and Phuket. This campaign has been ongoing for many months now with opponents and supporters continually clashing politically.

The Pattaya News will provide updates to this story as they are provided by Thai police.

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