Naked German Tourist Scares Pattaya Beachgoers

Pattaya —

A German man was arrested yesterday for wandering on Pattaya Beach naked around sunset.

Police officers were alerted to a foreign man strolling down Pattaya Beach without clothes nor a swimming suit around 6:30 PM on Wednesday, March 29th. The man’s nudity reportedly scared and surprised other beachgoers near him.

When the police arrived and tried to talk him into putting some clothes on, the man refused and waded into the sea. After 15 minutes of talking, the man finally got out of the water but still refused to put something on and even tried to run away. Once the police realized that negotiations did not work, they charged the man and pinned him down on the beach before taking him to a police station, forcing him to wear pants.

The tourist’s name has been withheld by police. The authorities are pursuing legal action against him as of press time and the man has been described as uncooperative by police, reportedly claiming it’s his right to be naked.

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