Lucky Chonburi Man Finds Rare Melo Pearl in His Dinner

Pattaya —

A man in Chonburi got a pleasant surprise while cooking his dinner. He found a rare and valuable Melo pearl that could be worth more than one million baht inside a snail that he was about to eat.

The man, Mr. Amorn Prakongkwan, a 54-year-old owner of a paint shop, told The Pattaya News that he was cooking dinner for his family when a round object fell out of a snail he was boiling. Upon further examination, he discovered that it was a shiny, round object that appeared to be a very rare Melo pearl.

Melo pearls are unique and highly valued because of their rarity and distinctive appearance. They are formed inside the Melo volute, a large sea snail that can be found in the shallow waters of Thailand. Melo pearls are only produced by a small percentage of Melo volutes, making them much rarer than other types of pearls.

Amorn’s pearl weighs over 10.33 carats and is proven authentic, according to the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand. Although he still can decide its price, the pearl could be worth more than one million baht, depending on its size, shape, and quality. The value of a Melo pearl is also determined by its color, luster, and the absence of blemishes or imperfections.

Amorn who was born and raised his whole life in the Banglamung district, said that he bought the snail that carried this treasure for only 80 baht per two kg. The man almost threw it away thinking it was a rock, but he luckily picked it up and realized that it was not.

The pearl, as of press time, remains in Amorn’s possession. He said he will soon put it on sale on social media when he can make up his mind about its price tag.

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