Young Woman Plunges to Death From Condo in Pattaya, Cause Remains Mysterious

Pattaya —

A Thai woman plunged to her death from the seventh floor of her Pattaya condominium. Police are trying to unravel the mystery surrounding the several strange signs the woman had displayed before her fatal leap.

The plunging of a Thai woman, 27-year-old Ms. R (alias), was reported to Pattaya Police at 4:20 AM today, Wednesday, March 15th. The police and Sawang Boriboon emergency responders rushed to the incident site at a condominium in Soi Thappaya 4 in the Banglamung district of Pattaya after being notified by the victim’s sister, 24-year-old Ms. Janjira.

When the authorities arrived, Ms. R was already deceased. She had no clothes on and suffered severe broken limbs and significant blood loss. The officials cordoned off the area and quickly transported the victim’s body to a hospital for a review of the cause of death. Ms. Janjira, whom the officials described as being in a state of shock, was at the scene and led the officials to her room from where her older sister had leaped.

Inside the seventh-floor room, police found a feces stain on the floor and the victim’s clothes inside the bathroom. Ms. Janjira said her sister worked at a restaurant in Pattaya and upon her returning home after drinking, she said she wasn’t feeling well and asked for hot water to drink. Before heading to the bathroom, Ms. R experienced symptoms of constipation before she entered the bathroom, according to her sister.

While Ms. Janjira and her boyfriend were chatting outside the bathroom, Ms. Janjira said her sister suddenly ran out of the bathroom, wearing only a towel. She then darted for the balcony, jumped off, and fell to her death in front of Ms. Janjira and her boyfriend. Her sister told police that she tried to grab Ms. R but could not make it. Ms. Janrira did not know the motive for her sister’s mysterious action.

Pattaya Police and the forensic team are investigating the victim’s room. Her younger sister is being interviewed to find out about the victim’s motive.

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Aim Tanakorn
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